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Why Selling on Social Media is the Next Big Thing for the Diamond & Jewelry Industry

Remember when taking a trip to the mall and looking at all the beautiful displays seemed like a treat? Now, being able to buy things with a click of a button seems like an even better deal. With each generation becoming busier, focusing on their careers and inventing the next big thing, most people don’t have time to drive to a store to pick out diamonds and jewelry. Even for those busy families who spend most of their time taking their kids to soccer practice or music recitals, buying diamonds and jewelry is the last thing on their minds. But, thanks to social media, these purchases don’t seem like a burden anymore. In fact, one might even find it’s so easy that they need to control their shopping habits on these social platforms!

Buying online isn’t just about going to a store’s website anymore. People can buy on many of the social media accounts they’re on almost every day. Here are some of the places that are making it easier for diamond & jewelry businesses to sell their pieces:

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Pinterest

The best thing about using these social media platforms is that you don’t need to rely on an email or someone typing in your website to make a sale. Through audience targeting, you can have your ads pop-up to people who are just casually scrolling through their accounts. This makes it easier for you to spread brand awareness for your business, and for consumers to purchase. Instagram has made it especially easy, allowing people to make in-app purchases. This way, you can show beautiful images of your diamond and jewelry pieces and be able to add a link to buy! Shoppers don’t have to worry about agonizing waiting times or long searches for that piece they saw on that magazine ad.

With social media, consumers are able to shop in a new and innovative way and vendors can easily reach a whole new lot of people. Especially during the holiday season, sticking to online shopping is extra appealing to those who are trying to avoid long lines and crazy shoppers. Diamonds and jewelry are things that give people joy, and now the purchasing process does as well. Social media shopping has grown so much in the last year, and who knows what will be in store for the new decade!

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